Daniel D. MILLER

Daniel D. MILLER
Deputy Executive Director, NYC Board of Education Retirement System (BERS)


Daniel D. Miller is the Deputy Executive Director for the New York City Board of Education Retirement System (BERS), a $8 billion pension and 403B plan for the City’s non-pedagogical school employees. Daniel partners with the Executive Director and Board of Trustees to implement necessary programs to achieve the objectives, mission, and goals of the agency. He is responsible for the management of the investment program which includes development of policy guidelines, asset allocation strategy, and risk management parameters.

Daniel has 19 years experience, serving in various senior roles in project management, auditing, benefits administration, and risk management. Under his leadership BERS has beat its 3, 5, and 10-year benchmarks, streamlined services for members, increased membership 25%, and has a funding ratio of 101%. He is a board member of the NY National Association of Securities Professionals Foundation, a member of the US AID Africa Institutional Investors Advisory Council, a member of the Charter Financial Analyst Institute’s Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, and a member of Accelerate Investors advisory council. Daniel was the recipient of the rising star award from the National Association of Investment Companies and the National Association of Securities Professionals. As a speaker, he has presented at conferences in the US, Asia, and Africa on topics including capital market development, asset allocation, emerging markets, and Environmental, Social, & Governance impact.

Daniel received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Rhode Island (URI), was a four year letterman in football, and a team captain. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in business administration from URI and a Master’s in advanced management and finance from Columbia University.