About Us

Institutional Investor Network (IIN) is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing institutional investments into African markets. IIN’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of information and education between US institutional investors and African stakeholders to encourage investments to the continent.

For decades, African and foreign governments by way of multi-lateral development banks (MDBs), have carried the largest burden of financing development in Africa. Public sector funds are insufficient for the developmental needs of a rapidly growing middle class. Private capital mobilization presents the greatest opportunity to address Africa’s infrastructure funding gap.

Headquartered in Washington DC, IIN in partnership with US and African governments, MDB’s and select African demand-side stakeholders seeks to:

  • Provide African Investment Educational Information to US Institutional Investors
  • Provide US Institutional Investor Educational Information to African Asset Managers
  • Conduct International & Domestic Investor Delegations
  • Continue Development of a Robust Database
  • Facilitate Bi-lateral Meetings
  • Facilitate global two-way investment