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African markets seen as export opportunity for Wisconsin companies

The head of Milwaukee’s Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company says African markets present a huge export opportunity for Wisconsin businesses.  Steve Wallace, the...
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Google makes good on its $1B plan to support Africa’s digital economy, but there is a long way to go

It’s one year into Google’s five-year, $1 billion plan to boost digital services across Africa, and on the heels of its latest investment —...
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A Power Balance Shifts as Europe, Facing a Gas Crisis, Turns to Africa for Help

European leaders have been converging on Africa’s capital cities, eager to find alternatives to Russian natural gas — sparking hope among their...
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Africa Investment Forum – Closing the Technology Gap Promises Significant Gains for Africa’s Creative Industries

Africa’s creative industries have grown rapidly in recent years, as its music, films and fashion increasingly attract a global audience. The United Nations Conference on...
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Africa Investment Forum: Harnessing Guarantees and Insurance to Close the Continental Financing Gap – The Africa Co-Guarantee Platform Leads the Way

Africa has long suffered from a risk perception gap – one of the main factors contributing to the continent’s estimated $200 billion trade and...
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The Impact that Sovereign Wealth Funds Can Make in Africa

Mobilizing national savings is crucial to meeting Africa’s development needs and the continent’s sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are one important source of...
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